40’, 3D Animation, partially stereoscopic

Synopsis: In their cozy little neighborhood, grey elephants are very happy and satisfied with the way Things are. All accept one. A young sweet elephant is constantly gloomy, questioning his actions and manners. Daily pleasures that every elephant takes for granted make this little one wonder: “Why are we living in this jungle?”, “Why do we bath in the river?”
And his most unanswered query: “Why am I so GREY?…there are so many beautiful colors in the world. And Grey is so BORING…” Our little guy wants to be the absolute best; The smartest, the fastest, the strongest and above all – the prettiest. One day after provoked by an annoying and colorful parrot, the little elephant sets off on a journey, Adventurous and peculiar. A journey on which our hero will Discover an old as time truth – there’s nothing better than being your small, grey, capable self. Based on the best-selling children’s book “The Elephant that wanted to be the best” by Paul Kor.
Distributed by Comet entertainment (Canada).

Director – Noam Meshulam
Producer – Gilad Rosenau
Screenwriters  – Naama Kobrinski, Albert Zmora
Storyboard artist – Albert Zmora
Chief animators – Sergey Shutko, Arie Charnam
Music – Adi Cohen

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  • Trunk Tales
    Trunk Tales