Baldy Heights

“Baldy Heights” is an original tale which will captivate the audience with unique 3D animation.

In Curly Hills, a world where hair is holy and percussion instruments are illegal, teenager Lilly Pileous plays in an underground band with a rhythm section covertly transmitted from Baldy Heights, enemy territory from time immemorial. When Ragtop, the drummer with whom she is secretly, heart-throbbingly in love disappears and the Sectret Police come crashing into band practice, Lily goes looking for him. She does the unthinkable and leaps through the impassable Wall that separates their two worlds.

THUNK. Lily sits up in the dirt, looks at her reflection in the mirrored Wall, and holy hairdos – she is bald! Lily has landed in Baldy Heights where every scalp is sleek and shiny, every building domed and polished and baldness is legally required and viciously enforced. Lily learns to navigate Baldy culture and evade the brutal authorities from both sides on her quest to find Ragtop.

Using the percussion lines like secret codes, Lily tracks down Ragtop (AKA: win), the only son of Governor Baldwin, supreme ruler of Baldy Heights. She discovers that Dad keeps Win hidden for fear that the people will discover his inexcusable flaw – sprouting from the middle of Win’s royal head is a single, invincible, blasphemous hair! When the Dome Agents begin picking up on the illegal broadband activity emanating from Win’s underground lair, Win cuts off contact with the band.

Together, Lily and Win realize that the only way to end the tyranny on both sides is to unite the music and go through with the band’s original plans for a joint concert. There they will reveal the truth that Lily has discovered – the Wall can be crossed!
With the authorities closing in, Lily and Win gather the band, organize a flash mob and race to the Wall. With the police a hair’s breadth away Lily stops short, turns to Win and kisses him. Then she leaps through the Wall – her hair sprouts lush and wild. The people gasp. The mirror is a ruse. We are all the same. Lily and Win and the gathered crowds weave through the Wall like a waterfall – their hair sprouting and shedding – and dance to the music on both sides.


Lily Pileous, a teenage music geek, is willing to break the rules but not ready to take the heat. She knows Ragtop gets her musical soul like no-one else, but she’s sure she’s not cool enough for him. Lily will discover her own courage and the power of living fearlessly.

Win is the son of Governor Baldwin and a kick-ass drummer who goes by the alias Ragtop when riding the illegal communication channels used by political radicals and music smugglers. With a secret that could topple his father’s regime, Win’s been laying low for years now. But he can’t stay underground forever.

Governor Baldwin is the lord of Baldy Heights. He imagines himself to be a caring, albeit stern father to his son and his people. But when he finds himself on the other side of the Wall, he discovers he is identical to General Curlicue, the cruel dictator of Curly Hill.

  • Baldy Heights Gas Station
    Baldy Heights Gas Station
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    Baldwin and Glossy
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    BH cityscape
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    Baldwin Meeting Room
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    Baldy Heights – Curly Hills concept art
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    Lilli hiding
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    BH heads 01
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