The Boy who Painted a Donkey Blue

The Boy Who Painted a Donkey Blue is a coming of age tale, the story of a boy, Nachum, who grows up in the eye-of-the-hurricane of Jewish history at the turn of the
twentieth century. Before our eyes, eight year old Nachum will turn into a courageous youth of fifteen.

The film is partially funded and we are now looking for partners to bring this historically fascinating, entertaining story to into full scale production.

Nachum arrives with his family to Jaffa, the ancient port city on the coast of Palestine, as the Ottoman Empire is collapsing and the Turkish Army, which has been controlling the
area for decades, nervously await the arrival of the British. Nachum is caught at the juncture of two cultures, yearning to be an artist, forced to become a fighter.
Like Fellini’s Amarcord, The Boy Who Painted a Donkey Blue is an episodic movie. At its heart are stories of colorful characters, like the beloved Doctor Hissin who rides a white
donkey and carries a black umbrella to protect him from the sun, Mahmoud, the wealthy barber of Jaffa who is sure the whole world lies between the blades of his scissors, Weiss,
the clockmaker that wants to build a modern city in the shape of the clock’s gears (he is absolutely sure that the round shape will soften the manners of the residents), and the
Turkish Minister of Police who is fancy, cruel, and a lover of bribes.

The Boy Who Painted A Donkey Blue – working materials from Gilad Rosenau on Vimeo.