The Team

In animation, there’s this exhilarating moment of discovery when you see the film and you say, Oh THAT’S what I was doing.

– John Lithgow

Vision: Since we view animation as a medium for storytelling, we do not limit ourselves to any specific technique. Our extensive experience with all types of animation, from classical hand-drawn animation to modren 3D and digital 2D techniques, allows us to pick the best method for every story. Some stories even benefit from a combination of mixed media.

The studio was established in 1985 by Noam Meshulam and is the most experienced animation production house in israel. After graduating as an animator from the acclaimed CFT Gobelins art school and working in Paris for a few years, Noam returned to Jaffa to establish PitchiPoy.

Over the years we have produced countless projects using various animation techniques to benefit our stories. We are well known for our unique and artistic approach, combining different styles into one bigger picture.

These days we are working on our first animated Feature and hopefully will start our second feature pre-production work at the beginning of 2014. The team consists of the following permanent staff and many other freelancers and off site employees:

Jenny – Full time dog. Bravely leading the studio and keeping morale high, for the price of snacks and belly rubs.


Noam Meshulam – CEO, Owner, Film and art Director, Executive Producer.


Gilad Rosenau – Executive Producer, leading the International department and involved in international co-productions. Gilad joined the company in 2000.


Sergey Shutko – Chief Animator, with animation in his blood and extreme attention to detail. Joined the Studio at 2005.


Dima Kondrashov – Technical Director, in charge of the 3D department and all of the studio’s technical aspects. Joined the studio in 2008.


Noa Ben Izhak – Line producer, in charge of executing and supervising the studio’s productions.


Additional team members:


  • Yula Bulanov – 3D texturing and modeling artist
    Yula Bulanov – 3D texturing and modeling artist