• Children of Chelm
    Children of Chelm
    It is the eve of the great cherry festival in Chelm and the cherries from the tree have to be picked. Eleven-year-olds David and Anna, along with their friends and various animals, decide that they are the ones for the task. The only problem is that the king from a […]
  • King Solomon and the Bee
    King Solomon and the Bee
    Format: Animation tales of the World a 26 X 15’ is the world’s largest co-production and collection of children’s tales. Synopsis: When King Solomon is stung by a young bee just before an important visit from the queen of Sheeba he is less than pleased. Charmed by the youngster’s naivety, Solomon grants […]
  • Preschool
    We have extensive experience in producing preschool TV series, mainly for “Baby TV”. These include “Mr. Snail”, “Mixed up Mary”, “Puppet Theater”, “Veggiemals”, “Veggiemer” and “Veggiebus”.
  • The Sparks
    The Sparks
    Format: 21 x 15’, 2D animation (Flash) Synopsis: Have you ever fantasized of rocking the stage? Well, naturally, the first step is forming a band. And that’s merely the beginning. Meet the group on their path to stardom; they experience love and envy, hope and disappointment, as well as the […]
  • Sniz and Fondu
    Sniz and Fondu